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About Us

Hepkat55 Vintage & Vinyl

I Supply Vintage and Vinyl from the 1950's to the 1980's with a bias towards the 1950's and 1960's.

My aim is to provide something a bit different to what you will find on the high street, something that also has a bit of history, a bit of timeless style. I don't sell modern copies or retro "style" items only true vintage ones.

I am also passionate about music, especially live music which I support whenever possible. The vinyl records that I sell are cleaned properly and honestly graded. I have purchased records that were claimed to be Mint, or Ex to Near Mint and they have arrived covered in dirt and scratches and it left me wondering how could it be graded when it clearly hasn't even been played? Visually grading a record which has a layer of dust and hair on it is impossible and in my eyes pointless.

And so I started what eventually became this website Hepkat55 Vintage & Vinyl

I gave myself quite a task when I decided that every record would be cleaned on a vacuum record cleaning machine, played both sides and graded honestly but I hope that the extra work I put in will eventually lead to building up trust with my customers. I scan or photograph every item so the images you see are of the item you are purchasing and any defects will be shown. If a record pops and crackles a bit I will tell you that, if the cover is a little tatty I will tell you that too and you can also trust that if I say that an item is Near Mint then it will be Near Mint.

I use a 1970s Sony Turntable, NAD 3020e Amplifier and NAD Speakers to play grade the records. Please be aware that reproduction does vary depending on the quality of the equipment used. In particular the recent batch of modern record Players which have extremely light arms and low quality styluses which produce low quality sound with higher levels of background noise, especially when playing older records. I speak from experience having played records on a few of these modern players and then played the same records on our set up for comparison.

I sincerely hope you enjoy looking around this website and if you buy something I hope you love it. If you do please let me know, it is always nice to hear that my efforts are appreciated but let me know too if you have a problem because constructive criticism will help me to provide a better service to all of my customers.

You can also find me on facebook where I post details of new additions and run the occasional competition so please like my page and then you will be kept up to date with whats new.

We also sell at Vintage Fairs and Events and although it is rare it is possible that something will sell at a fair and then be ordered on the website before I have a chance to remove it. If that happens you will quickly receive a full refund.