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Hepkat55 take pride in supplying records which are as clean as they can possibly be. All records sold by us have been professionally cleaned on a vacuum record cleaning machine. They are then placed in brand new paper sleeves to avoid contamination.

Vacuum cleaning won’t remove scratches or scuffs (nothing will) but it will suck the dirt from deep within the grooves which allows the stylus to sit deeper, thereby improving the sound quality markedly.

There are products which leave records looking shiny and bright but they also leave behind residue which will clog the stylus on your record player and, to be frank, those products do nothing to improve the sound quality.

At Hepkat55 we are music lovers and we believe that the quality of sound is the most important thing.

We grade records according to sound, not visually, and every record we sell has been played both sides (On our 1970's Hifi System Sony Deck, Nad amplifier and Speakers).

We do our best to be honest in our assessment but please remember that some of our records are over 60 years old so they will not be like new. The odd crackle and pop is to be expected and the severity of these can depend on the machine on which they are played.

We use the industry standard Record Collector Magazine Grading system which can be found here

All photographs on this site show the actual Record for sale and form part of the description.

We sincerely hope that you will be happy with your purchases

Up To Three 7" Records will be posted for the same price

Up To Three 12" Records will be posted for the same price